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Massive MIMO is the horsepower of 5G cellular , but

… it comes at an unprecedented cost

ArgoSemi - app area


  • Expensive radio components
  • Excessively high numbers of components
  • Complex manufacturing restricts the yield
  • Many radio frequency bands
  • Bulky radio heat sinks
  • High number of base-stations


  • High radio power consumption
  • Demanding in tower real estate due to bulky heat sinks
  • A selection of a small antenna panel penalizes the performance
    • lower user satisfaction
    • lower revenues


ArgoSemi proposition

Argo Semi provides a disruptive 5G sub-6GHz RF solution to enable cutting-edge 5G network performance with economic investment.

  • Significant circuit cost reduction
  • Reduce the number of components substantially and therefore lower the manufacturing costs and increase reliability.
  • Reduce the power consumption and therefore shrink the cooling system size and save tower real estate space.
  • Drastic cost reduction leaves space for increasing the size of the antenna array and therefore addresses the interference and low-performance problems.


  • Feature-rich, highly integrated multi-core transceiver RFIC
  • Ultra-slim, printed antenna array with true 2-dimensional antenna elements

Applicable to both macro-cell Radio Units and small-call base-stations