• High power radio systems at a dramatically reduced Radio Unit Bill-Of-Material cost are enabled by combining ArgoSemi RFIC transceivers with its 2D ultra slim printed antenna.

Highly integrated multi-core transceiver RFIC

  • Argo Semi provides multi-core transceiver RFICs with unique features allowing high integration of RF functionalities and unprecedented flexibility for 5G New Radio designs (patent pending).
  • Both licenced frequency bands (2.6GHz to 4.9GHz ) and unlicenced frequency bands (4.9GHz to 7.2GHz) are supported.

Ultra-slim, printed antenna array with true-2D antenna elements

  • Argo Semi has developed a ground braking 2-dimensional antenna array technology for sub-6GHz macro-cell Radio Units and small-cell base-stations (patent pending).
  • Highly integrated passive circuitry functionality allows narrower profile and lighter Radio Units with higher endurance to physical hardships.