Argo Semiconductors Participate at EU funded project FirstTo6G

FirstTo6G is an ambitious new European research and innovation project, launched on 1 January 2024, which aims to develop the world’s first practical 6G transceiver technology (TRx).

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FirstTo6G has received funding from the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) and its members under the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme and by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

Our consortium of six European small and medium-sized companies and leading universities, experts from various disciplines, joins forces to ensure the realization of the first 6G TRx technology i.e., data converters and corresponding sub-THz frontends, which fulfils the extreme requirements for making 6G a widespread reality. These requirements include extremely wide modulation bandwidth at high signal quality, high energy efficiency, and low cost.

Key exploitable FirstTo6G results include new technical concepts and designs for data converters and the frontend, integration of high- performance TRx components in a single chip, and automation algorithms for the design of frontends. The results will be used to develop and commercialize high performance mm-wave / early 6G products, as a basis for further research, or to spin-off new businesses.

By enabling the widespread realization of 6G, the consortium will contribute to the broad societal benefits that 6G will ultimately bring. Critical technical knowledge will be developed and exploited in Europe by fast-growing SMEs, growing the landscape of communication microelectronics providers, strengthening the European microelectronics ecosystem and reinforcing Europe’s technological sovereignty.

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