Metanoia and ArgoSemi Unveil All-in-one Sub-6GHz Medium-Power 5G Digital Antenna Module

Metanoia and ArgoSemi Unveil All-in-one Sub-6GHz Medium-Power 5G Digital Antenna Module powered by NXP’s top cooling power amplifier and software defined radio.

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The All-in-one Digital antenna module streamlines BOM cost power consumption and time to market for RU developers.
[BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 20, 2024], Metanoia Communications Inc. (Metanoia), Argo Semiconductors SA (ArgoSemi) and NXP® Semiconductors showcase a groundbreaking Digital Antenna module at the Sub-6 GHz band, encompassing the Digital Front-End processing all the way to signal emission on the air. This is enabled by NXP’s top-side cooled A5M36TG140-TC power amplifier (PA) and Layerscape® Access LA1200 software-defined radio, Metanoia’s 5G Sub-6GHz RF IC (the MT3812) and ArgoSemi’s pioneering 2D printed antenna (the AS04xx product line). This turn-key reference design for 5G small cell radios leverages size, weight and power (SWaP) savings with lower cost, power consumption and development time for both MIMO and massive MIMO deployments. The initial reference design is optimized for 4T4R CBRS outdoor use cases across private networks and MNO deployment extensions, extending to other RF bands and future derivatives with a common PCB footprint. “This innovative reference design will not only minimize customers’ engineering efforts, it will also be a “white module” for different product density, different markets and shorten significantly the time to market for 5G solutions. Metanoia’s MT3812 is a low power, cost-effective tri-band 2T/2R IC with extensive software library to help customers with all the aspects of RF calibration, product manufacturing and implementation.” explains Didier Boivin, Metanoia EVP. “ArgoSemi is happy to contribute its breakthrough high-performance 2D printed antenna AS0424 allowing the complete integration of all the Digital Antenna components directly onto the antenna PCB and thus eliminate connectors losses boosting the Digital Antenna gain” explained Dr. Manolis Frantzeskakis, CEO of ArgoSemi. “This Digital Antenna module features NXP’s industry-first top-side cooled package, opening up new markets for O-RAN equipment makers, simplifying their design work and reducing material costs and manufacturing complexity for fast-time-to-market,” says Jeff Steinheider, Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Edge Processing, at NXP. About Metanoia Metanoia based in Hsinchu, Taiwan has contributed to the development of several generations of semiconductor SoC solutions for wireline Broadband and is now focusing in bringing new products to the 5G NR Markets.

About ArgoSemi
Argo Semiconductors SA, headquartered in Athens, Greece is an RF subsystem innovator with
long experience on radio solutions, presently leveraging its compact 2-D antenna arrays at
Sub-6GHz for plain MIMO and massive MIMO radios in 5G and beyond.

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